Research Grant / 04.03.2021

Research Grant Received from the Berlin University Alliance: Experimental Laboratories for Science Communication

The project Your Emotional City! “Emocity Citizen Science Laboratory.” Jointly Exploring Stress and Resilience In Urban Dwellers by the Interdisciplinary Forum Neurourbanism in cooperation with the Futurium Berlin is among the six collaborative projects funded as experimental laboratories for science communication by the Berlin University Alliance.

The funding focuses on a new form of science communication (knowledge exchange), in which not only knowledge is communicated to society, but science gains new perspectives through the participation of society. The interdisciplinary project of Prof. Dr. Mazda Adli meets this demand with an app-based Citizen Science approach that invites Berliners to actively explore the impact of city life on our mental health. The goal of the project is to develop an emotional city map of Berlin that shows both stress points and feel-good places in the city.

The funding period is one year, starting in April 2021.

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