Workshop / 08.10.2021

Neurourbanistic Research at the Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2021 - Looking Back to a Stimulating Workshop

“How will we live together?” is the motto of this year’s Architecture Biennale in Venice. The collateral event Mutualities, organized by IFNU e.V. and SPACECOUNCIL, asks this question with regard to the coexistence of nature, artificial intelligence, and humans in the cities of our future. The interactive exhibition was curated by Sonja Berthold and Dietmar Leyk of the international architectural office SPACECOUNCIL with the support of Ludwig Engel and Joerg Fingerhut (IFNU e.V). The immersive space in the Spazio Ravà gallery close to the Grand Canal represents an experimental laboratory in which visitors and algorithms jointly explore the city of the future. Among other things, recorded movement data will be used to investigate how our interaction with the space itself, but also our interaction with each other, unfolds.

More information on Mutualities can be found here.

Research Workshop “The Future of Neurourbanism”
Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Joerg Fingerhut (LMU Munich; Berlin School of Mind and Brain, HU Berlin) and with the assistance of Hannah Kruft (Berlin School of Mind and Brain, HU Berlin) and Teresa Müller (Psychology, TU Dresden) the corresponding workshop “The Future of Neurourbanism” (08.-10.10.2021) discussed interdisciplinary research designs dealing with topics such as density, public space, smart cities, and different models of the city.

From IFNU e.V., Matthias Ballestrem, Professor of Architecture (HafenCity University Hamburg) and Giacomo Bignardi (PhD student at the Max Planck School of Cognition), who supported the data analysis, were also present. Together with Mutualities curator Sonja Berthold, Ass. Prof. Dr. Matthew Pelowski, Corinna Kühnapfel and MacKenzie Trupp (PhD candidates at the University of Vienna), members of the EU Horizon 2020 funded project ARTIS (Art and Research on Transformation and Society), as well as Jörg Trempler, Professor of Art History (University of Passau) and Isabel Groll (History of Art, LMU Munich) discussed, among others, topics and research approaches of neurourbanism. Inspired by expert knowledge in the field of architecture and art history, psychological and neuroscientific aesthetics and urban research, the unique setting of the city of Venice, and the different models of coexistence presented at the Biennale, an exciting workshop has emerged!

Joerg Fingerhut, Matthias Ballestrem, Giacomo Bignardi, and MacKenzie Trupp were also part of a research week during which more data was collected and the Mutualities exhibition adapted after analysis of previous data.

Source: own photograph