Event / 28.05.2019

Salon der Neurourbanistik: A Discussion of Charta Theses

Start: 6:30 pm

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
Unter den Linden 13
10117 Berlin

City life influences people in both positive and negative ways. Numerous educational and personal development opportunities enrich the lives of city dwellers. At the same time, however, life in the city can lead to feelings of loneliness and social stress among its inhabitants, thereby increasing the risk of stress-related mental illnesses. How can this increased risk be counteracted? How can people and cities harmonize?

In order to make a contribution to health-promoting urban planning and to reduce the risk of mental illness, the Forum Neurourbanism has drawn up the Charter of Neurourbanism. The Charta is the result of an interdisciplinary debate with the public and experts and presents recommendations for urban planners and politicians and all those who shape public life in the city in nine chapters, from a neurourbanist perspective. The Charter aims to help identify factors that make cities resilient and protect the mental health of the urban population.

The event served as a forum for intensive exchange with invited experts on the Charta of Neurourbanism with a focus on the topics of ‘economics’ and ‘governance’. The contents were presented in detail, reflected upon and optimised in a lively discussion.

Participation was free of charge. The event was held in German.

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