Event / 19.02.2019

Salon der Neurourbanistik: What Requirements should a Charta of Neurourbanism Meet?

Start: 6:30 pm

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft
Unter den Linden 13
10117 Berlin


How can city and people be brought into harmony?
City life influences people’s psyche and quality of life, both negatively and positively. Life in the city offers many opportunities for education and development, but can also lead to feelings of loneliness and social stress. This increases the risk of stress-related mental illness such as depression.

In order to contribute to health-promoting urban planning, the Forum has drawn up the Charta of Neurourbanism. The Charta is the result of an interdisciplinary debate between the Forum, the public and experts. It presents recommendations for urban planners, politicians and all those who shape public life in the city in nine chapters, from a neurourbanist perspective. The Charta aims to help identify factors that make cities resilient and protect the mental health of the urban population.

In this event, everything revolved around the Charta of Neurourbanism. Invited experts from the German Institute of Urban Affairs, among others, discussed the contents of the individual chapters. In addition, the target audience, missing aspects, and communication channels between contributing researchers of the Charta were worked out.

Participation at the event was free of charge. The event took place in German.

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