In October 2021, the initiative “Together for Mental Health” (German: GPG) was launched under the direction of Prof. Dr. Eva-Lotta Brakemeier (professor at the University of Greifswald). The university initiative has set itself three major goals in line with the Third Mission. These include 1. informing, taking precautions and destigmatizing; 2. supporting and accompanying and 3. connecting and networking. Various projects have already been initiated within the framework of GPG, which are summarized below:

The Mental Health Forum is dedicated to the first goal of GPG. Once a month, the exchange between interested parties, researchers, those affected by mental illness and colleagues from the entire health system on the topic of “mental health” is promoted. Through keynote speeches and other formats (e.g. live demonstrations of psychotherapy) different topics are prepared and a joint discussion is encouraged by a wide variety of people from science, practice or those affected.

The second goal is pursued, among other things, through the activities of GPG in the context of the corona pandemic. For example, consultation hours, acute therapies, psychotherapy in the ZPP and open digital groups are offered for people who are mentally stressed by the COVID pandemic. In addition, there is the possibility to take advantage of free and open-ended COVID vaccination consultations in case of fear or blood-injection-injury phobia.

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Furthermore, in cooperation with the Psychosocial Center Greifswald, an offer of help was launched for people who were mentally stressed by the war of aggression against Ukraine (especially the Ukrainians seeking protection here). A network of therapists and language mediators offers low-threshold and free psychological counseling services, in particular outreach “aid missions”, in the Vorpommern-Greifswald district. Short-term therapies are also possible if required.

The latest project called “Healthy People – Healthy Western Pomerania” addresses the third goal of GPG. The climate crisis not only endangers our physical health worldwide, but also our mental health. Self-effective, active and joint climate-friendly action in turn promotes mental health. This interdisciplinary model project is intended to sustainably connect psychology, medicine and climate research within the natural sciences in the sense of “One Health”, as well as law with politics, business and the public.

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