Open-air Exhibition / 26.06.2021

Knowledge City Berlin 2021

From 26 June, the Centre of the event, a large open-air exhibition, will be on display for several weeks in front of the Rotes Rathaus in the heart of the city as part of Knowledge City Berlin 2021.
With a diverse programme on the topics of corona, climate change and how we live together in the city, it asks questions and provides answers – scientifically sound, politically controversial and socially relevant.

A contribution to the chapter Healthy Cities is made by Neurourbanism: Urban Development for Mental Health:
The theses of the Charta of Neurourbanism are exhibited: They represent the results of the interdisciplinary debate and recommendations for urban politicians and all those who shape public life in the city.
Each of the theses is enriched by a concise quotation from a member of the Interdisciplinary Forum Neurourbanism e.V.

The open-air exhibition provides answers to questions that concern us all and inspires people to find out about and discuss fundamental issues. Walk through a fictional city of knowledge until 22 August 2021 – live and free of charge.

You can also view the Charta of Neurourbanism here.

Click here to go to the official website of the Knowledge City Centre.