Event / 22.08.2022

APP launch "Your emotional city" at Futurium

Mental illnesses are more common among city dwellers. And this probably has to do with stress. Life in the city is associated with high population density, anonymity, noise and pollution. On the other hand, cities are cultural, political, economic and scientific centers that offer many opportunities for individual development, a rich cultural life and easier access to education and health care.

And at the same time, cities are growing – all over the world. The United Nations predicts that two-thirds of all people will live in cities by 2050. Reason enough to ask what exactly are the stress factors in the city. And what things in the city are good for our mood and well-being. What are places of well-being and what characterizes them? Is it possible to identify which factors promote the experience of stress and are thus potentially hazardous to health? How can we create more places of well-being and health in urban areas?

In order to better answer these questions, IFNU e.V., together with the AG Neurourbanistik of the Charité РUniversitätsmedizin Berlin, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, the TU Berlin and Futurium, has initiated a Citizen Science project, which is funded by the Berlin University Alliance.

City dwellers themselves are the best experts for their well-being and their city! With the help of an app, residents and visitors to Berlin can log their feelings and experiences over the course of a week and photograph what influences them most. The title of the project is “Your emotional city”.

Now the starting signal for “Your emotional city” is imminent. On August 22, 2022 at 7:00 p.m., the app launch will be celebrated at Futurium, kicking off the citizen science project. Those interested in our project are cordially invited to the Futurium and to become urban researchers themselves (Registration)

Your Emotional City!