Event / 05.09.2021

Neurourbanistic activities at the Futurium birthday event

Hundreds of visitors romped about in and around the Futurium on the first Sunday in September to celebrate its second birthday. With games, scientific talks, guided tours and much more.

The Forum Neurourbanism was represented with a stand on the forecourt with information about the project “Your Emotional City” as well as mindfulness walks and a rooftop walk.

Emotional City – A Citizen Science Project
We presented the Charta of Neurourbanism as well as the project “Your Emotional City” and our app. We talked about how mindfulness but also stress affect the body and how the psychology and neuroscience of the city work. We gave an overview of upcoming events and offered small experiments on site to participate.
More information on “Your Emotional City” can be found here.

Mindful Through the City
In a psychological self-experience experiment, the effect of mindfulness techniques on our state of mind could be experienced. Staff members of the Interdisciplinary Forum Neurourbanism and the Fliedner Klinik Berlin led an unusual tour through the city.

Beauty and Wonder in the City
The philosopher and cognitive scientist Joerg Fingerhut and Futurium staff member Rosalina Babourkova were accompanied to the Skywalk to learn how architecture and the city affect our psyche. Above the rooftops of the city, we presented our project “Your Emotional City” and invited people to join in our research.

Impressions of the Futurium birthday can be found here.

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