Event / 11.01.2019

Salon der Neurourbanism: Panel Discussion with Urban Scientist Richard Sennett

Start: 6:30 p.m.

Quartier Zukunft
Friedrichstraße 181
10117 Berlin


Our urban coexistence is changing rapidly and presents us with new challenges in terms of people’s mental health and quality of life. How does the city influence the people who live in it? How can the structure of a neighbourhood influence the behaviour of its inhabitants? Does the design of a city determine the integrity of a society? Does it have an influence on our view of humanity and how we treat other people? How can the emotional and moral condition of its citizens be read from the cityscape through the course of history?

These and other questions were the topics of the evening in the Quartier Zukunft. Richard Sennett, one of the leading urban researchers of our time, presented his theses on the above-mentioned questions, which he also summarized in his new book ‘Building and Dwelling: The Ethics for the City’. Sennett makes a case for a city that is able to stimulate cooperation and social cohesion and thus demands a basic ethical code for our growing cities that is needed now more than ever.
Richard Sennett’s groundbreaking ideas were used this evening to reflect on the contents of the Neurourbanism Charter and to discuss the interplay between cities and emotions with the audience.

The Charter of Neurourbanism is the result of an interdisciplinary debate by members of the Forum. In nine chapters, it presents recommendations for urban planners, politicians and all those who shape public life in the city from a neurourbanist point of view. The charter aims to help identify factors that make cities a resilient place and protect the mental health of urban society.

Participation was free of charge. The event was held in English and was moved to a larger room due to high demand.

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