Event / 10.10.2018

VW Symposium: 'Urbanization and Health: Identifying Pathways to Healthy Sustainable Urban Development'

Tagungszentrum Schloss Herrenhausen
Herrenhäuser Str. 5
30419 Hannover


How do you define the process of urbanization? How can urbanization be measured? What characterizes an urban system? How is urbanisation related to climate change? What is the relationship between urbanisation and health? What could a practical approach to urbanization look like? What could a path to a sustainable and equitable urban environment look like?

These and many other exciting questions were the topic of lectures, poster presentations and discussions in October of 2018 at the Schloss Herrenhausen Conference Centre in Hanover.
A diverse group of researchers came together for two days to create a unique exchange of ideas. The participants differed not only in their disciplines, which ranged from architecture, urban planning, and environmental and nutritional epidemiology to mental health, but also geographically (the participants were from India, Australia and Iran, among others) and in their scientific experiences. PhD students and young researchers participated in the symposium, as well as internationally recognized experts.

Speakers such as Prof. Jörg Stollmann (TU Berlin), Françios Pelletier (UN Population Division), Prof. Dr. Cathryn Tonne (IS Global), PD Dr. Mazda Adli (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin), Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Heinz (Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin), Isabelle Anguelovski (IMIM) and many other researchers from all over the world presented the latest findings from both practice and research on urbanisation.

Among other things, the experts discussed if and how social stress in urban areas can be influenced by urban planning and how it can be made easier for decision-makers within cities to incorporate research findings into their decision-making process.

Currently, two cross-disciplinary scientific papers, with results from the workshops, are being composed.

The event was free of charge and was held in English.