Panel discussion / 05.08.2021

RBB Talking Science – Panel discussion in front of the Red City Hall

Does city life harm our psyche and does country life make us happy?

People benefit from the diversity, cultural resources, health care and opportunities for personal development in the city. At the same time, density, noise, hustle and bustle, violence and anonymity shape everyday urban life. Mazda Adli investigates how our brain reacts to the permanent stimuli in the city, how big city life changes us and what approaches there are to make cities places worth living in.

The panel discussion will take place on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 8 p.m. in the “Center of the Knowledge City” on the square in front of the Red City Hall in Berlin. In the second season of the Talking Science podcast, moderator and science journalist Julia Vismann will host two scientists each from different disciplines on a health topic. Admission is free. Voluntary reservations can be made.

In addition to Prof. Mazda Adli, Prof. Hanns-Christian Gunga, geologist, palaeontologist, specialist in physiology and professor of space medicine, will speak under the title “Too hot during the day and too bright at night – What our body can do and why it is overtaxed today”.

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