Book Release / 08.04.2021

"Nachtwach Berlin – Spaziergänge mit Schildkröte"

A turtle draws a writer out into nocturnal Berlin. Photographer Ingo van Aaren follows the unequal pair on their wanderings, photographing them at the Brandenburg Gate, on Alexanderplatz or the Oberbaumbrücke, always alone in front of the deserted, deserted backdrops of the metropolis.
It is not the Berlin we know, it is a parcours through the city’s past and present.
Alongside van Aaren’s photographs are texts by David Wagner. A poetic dialogue unfolds between the almost omniscient turtle and the writer in night pieces that tell of Berlin’s transformation between 3:30 and 5 a.m..

For a glimpse of the book on the DISTANZ Verlag Berlin website, click here.
Information about the book can also be found on the website of Ingo van Aaren.